My passion in women's advocacy led me to start my career in the social sector supporting the financial inclusion of women and minorities. The inspiration towards advancing the economic empowerment of minorities and women was ignited by my entrepreneurial grandmother who was a farmer in Colombia and my mother who is a florist.

Eventually, I decided to grow my mission in women's advocacy as a birth worker and I completed my birth doula training with Debra Pacali-Bonaro in 2014. Last year I completed Ina May Gaskin's Midwifery Assistant training program at The Farm in Tennessee. 

As a DONA International trained doula and Hypnobirthing doula, my goal is to help parents develop their own personal approach to birth. Being invited to be a part of mother's birth team is always an honor. As a hypnobirthing doula I greatly enjoy helping parents demystify the birth process while equipping them with hypnobirthing techniques and supporting them with kindness, evidence-based information and of course, a little humor.