Kind words from my clients

Mauricio Miro's mama

"Liz Bueno was a pillar of strength for me during my birth.  I ended up laboring for 3 days and she never left my side, slept at our house/in the hospital and was a real lifesaver.  She was so strong and patient with me and encouraged me to keep moving and doing things to further things along. She gave great massages during my labor which helped me so much since I had a back labor.  She was amazing with my husband as well, which was a big part of why we hired her in the first place. I already had a midwife so I wondered if it was overkill to have a doula but honestly I don't know what I would have done without her.  She really helped my husband to know what to do throughout the labor. After the birth I ended up losing a lot of blood and had to go into emergency so I couldn't be with our baby and she stayed with my husband the whole time showing him how to do skin on skin and bond with him since I couldn't at that time.  It means so much to me that she was there for him because he would not have known what to do!  She also helped me with breastfeeding and that ended up being very easy for me. My midwife loved working with her as well.  I know she was a little hesitant to encourage me to have a doula, perhaps due to past experiences, but she was also very impressed with Liz.  I have such a soft spot in my heart for Liz Bueno and if I have another I will hire her again."

Baby C's mama


"We hired Liz for my second birth --- a vbac.  She was great at supporting my partner as he helped me through labor.  She has strong hands and was helpful in providing counter pressure and massage as needed. Liz also knew when to step away and give us space when we needed it. She was great at working with my midwives and nurses and my midwives are now recommending her to other mothers because they liked her so much. Liz is thoughtful and supportive-- and really good at being present. Prenatal sessions were helpful in preparing.  I am so glad I had that additional support to achieve my vbac. "

Landry's mama

"We hired Elizabeth for the birth of my first child in June 2015 and she was honestly the only reason I was able to have the natural birth I wanted and planned for.  She was very thorough in providing prenatal advice and came to our house before the birth so we could strategize about good spots and positions to labor in.  She was a huge help to my husband during the labor, gently coaching him on how to best help me through the contractions, and giving him breaks throughout.  She helped me find a rhythm early on and was not pushy with any of her suggestions.  She really let me lead and helped me both physically and mentally all the way through to pushing.  She was amazing dealing with my doctor and at the hospital, again not pushy at all but knew what to ask and how to ask it. I was a little nervous that she seemed young but that was a huge advantage as she was able to physically help me (massage, support, etc) in ways that someone older may have not been able to.  I did really need and appreciate how hands on she was with physical assistance.  I owe so much of the success of my labor/delivery to her and have recommended her to all of my friends/coworkers/random pregnant women I see on the street."

Obi Sun's papa

"From preparing for our birth, to her crucial help and support during labor and delivery, to friendly and loving followup she served us really well. Liz is friendly, knowledgeable, so supportive, and calm. All qualities that we found essential in our birthing journey. We had a challenging, eventful birth. Liz was right there, helping us facilitate our birth plan, supporting Kim and wisely advocating for us at each step of the journey. I'm sure it's obvious by now that we cheerfully give Liz our highest recommendation. Everyone is safe and sound and doing well. Liz was a terrific partner in helping us get here."

Adira's mama


"When we first met her, we were apprehensive because she's younger than both of us, but her maturity and wisdom immediately shone. She impressed us by being thoroughly organized; being extremely knowledgeable about everything from hospital procedure to breastfeeding; having an unbelievably sharp memory for every detail (repeating things we mentioned offhand weeks ago!); and going way above and beyond in absolutely everything she does. She's so proactive that she was sending us follow-up resources right after we interviewed her, before we'd even hired her!

All this is great, but Liz is so much more: Funny and sincere, warm and intelligent, confident and capable. She will thoroughly assess you and your partner as to your needs and desires and then do everything in her power to fulfill them.

As such: We were expecting our first child and wanted to go drug-free, but I was having a rough time with the contractions from the start - they came fast and furious. My husband started getting nervous when I demanded to go to the hospital after just a few hours. Liz expertly managed to hold me off, helping us both with my laboring at home, supporting him as he supported me. At the hospital, she recognized when he needed a break even before he did and had him go eat so he could continue being there for me. As for myself, Liz helped me find positions that allowed me to power through and encouraged my baby's descent, applied counter pressure, encouraged me, pushed me, and generally enabled me to make it to the finish line. She will forever be a part of our story; we are forever grateful.

Jett Bodhi's mama

"Elizabeth was incredible. We actually had quite a situation on our hands when I went into labor and our original doula was attending another birth. She tried to send us her backup doula who was also unavailable, so the backup doula put us in touch with Elizabeth and she came out in the middle of the night to our birthing center and dove right in with us. I had a long labor and she stayed with us the entire time. She was encouraging, kind, super knowledgeable and took amazing care of me and guided my husband step by step on how he could support me. She came to visit us the week after our son was born and came to celebrate him at a "100 Days" ceremony we had for him (Korean tradition:). She was perfection. When we have a second, we will definitely be calling her again."