What I Offer Clients & Other FAQs

As a birth doula, I support women with a wide range of birth preferences. My clients have had a range of birth experiences, from natural (unmedicated) births to medicated births, planned and unplanned C-sections, VBACs, as well as high, medium, low, and no intervention births. I have attended both low risk and high risk births, and I attend births in hospitals, birthing centers, and at homes, as well as births that are attended by both doctors or midwives. During your prenatal sessions, we will spend time discussing your preferences so that at  your birth, I will support you in these choices and as well as through any changes that may arise, whatever they may be.

Sometimes I am hired as early as 10 weeks and other times, as late as week 39! There are advantages to hiring a doula early, mostly having more time to build trust and establish birth team dynamics. In cases where I am hired in your first or second trimester, I can help you research and identify providers, hospitals based on your preferences and needs. If you're feeling overwhelmed, considering switching providers or don't know where to start, I will help you identify options and navigate those important decisions. 

Below is a basic outline of what my doula services include, which can always be customized according to your needs. 

• Unlimited phone and e-mail support throughout your pregnancy
• 2 Prenatal sessions: In-home prenatal birth preparation meetings with mom and partner (Each session is around 2 hours.)
• Review of your birth plan/wishes
• Back-up Doula Services provided
• On call services 24/7 beginning at week 37 (34 for twins) until your baby is born
• Continuous labor support during your birth
• 1 In-home postpartum visit (1-2 hours- tailored to your needs.)
• Professional referrals if necessary
• Photographs of the labor and birth (if desired) with your camera, phone, or my phone

My rate is based on my experience level, and is comparable to doulas in Colorado with a similar level of experience. Because my fee adjusts with the number of births I have attended, please contact me to inquire about my current rate. I offer sliding scale and payment options as well. 

Other FAQ questions

When and how do the sessions work?
We'll first meet for a free consultation. It's essentially a meet & greet where we get to ask each other questions and determine if I would be a good fit for you as your doula. For the consultation, we can meet at your home or at a cafe. If we decide to work together, we'll schedule two prenatal sessions to occur during weeks 30-37 of your pregnancy. The sessions will take place in your home. I generally recommend that the couple attend the sessions together. If you plan to have another relative be a part of the birth team, I typically suggest they join us for 15-30 minutes during one of the sessions  (they can even FaceTime or Skype in!) so we establish how we will be working collaboratively to support you. For your postpartum session, I will be in touch with you after birth to schedule a time anywhere from 3 days to about 2 weeks postpartum. 

What if I poop?
You will probably fart in my face while I'm doing hip squeezes, you may vomit and yes, you may poop...and that's totally normal and OKAY!
So no need to apologize :)